Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

Award winning innovative passive fire protection systems

Insulcon Technical are a leading, award winning manufacturer of innovative passive fire protection (PFP) systems. Years of research, development and testing have gone into creating a fully certified product range with market leading performance and independent type approvals. Our systems are fully removable to provide easy access to equipment for inspection and maintenance activities providing our clients with a high performance, cost effective passive fire protection solution.

Our aim is simple

To deliver the best possible passive fire protection solutions whilst also taking into account many other factors beyond just fire protection including environment and weather conditions, corrosion and chemical resistance and process design within the demanding and challenging sectors in which we operate.

Independently certified performance

Independently Tested

International test standards

All of our Passive Fire Protection systems are independently tested to stringent international test standards such as ISO 22899 for Jet Fire resistance, UL1709 and BS 476 for Pool Fire resistance as well as being tested for explosion and blast resistance. We test only at major fully accredited test centres to ensure our products perform to the highest possible standards to provide the high levels of protection required within the industry sectors we work in.

Certified Type Approvals

Global Certifying Organisations

All of our passive fire protection testing is witnessed and fullycertified with Type Approval certificates from international organisations such as Lloyds Register and DNV-GL. Our systems are certified to provide up to 3 hours of fire protection with ratings for J15, J30, J60, J120 and J180 as well as H ratings for pool fire and blast performance ratings.

Applications for our Fire Protection systems

Emergency shut down valves or ESDV’s are critical to the shutting down of the flow of highly flammable processes in the event of a fire. As these types of valves are critical to protecting assets against fire it is important that they are protected for a period of time long enough to allow evacuation of assets to protect personnel from danger.

Rapid installation to pipe work and fittings provides many benfits over alternative solutions such as less personnel required for installation, increased productivity and faster job completion.

We have completed additional testing on our systems to ensure they can still perform even on large equipment with substantial flat surfaces.

Riser pipe work is often more susceptible to corrosion than other equipment. Our Jet Fire Pro system has an integrated corrosion prevention technology and is perfect for this application.

Our PFP enclosure system the Jet Fire Pro XP is a tough, strong system perfect for use on penetrations and offer superior resistance to damage than alterntive systems available.

“The Jet Fire Pro was the perfect solution for our project, especially considering it could be produced in a bespoke olive green colour in line with the Environmental legislation on our site”

Site Operations Manager, Gas Storage Facility

Our other products and services

Our flagship product range is removable insulation systems protecting against key industry problems such as corrosion, fire, weather, noise and temperature. Choose one of our products on the right to learn more.

AeroLite – Anti-Corrosion Insulation
Jet Fire Pro – Passive Fire Protection (PFP)
High Temp Pro – High Temperature Insulation
Acoustic Pro – Noise Reduction Insulation
Weather Pro – Weather Proof insulation
Heat Trace Pro – Intelligent Heating
Chem Alert Pro – Leak Detection

  • 35% cost saving
  • 80% labour saving

Insulcon Technical have been developing passive fire protection (PFP) systems since 2009. With a wealth of knowledge in protecting against fire scenarios we have build an innovative range of protection designed to suit all project requirements. Independent testing and certification ensures our clients can feel comfortable the products will perform. Additional features such as corrosion protection and all weather resistance create a range which is at the forefront of the fire protection market.

Jet Fire Pro – Flexible Fire Protection
Jet Fire Pro Enclosure – Tough, Solid Fire Protection
Jet Fire Pro Penetration Covers – Heavy duty Fire Protection

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Insulcon Technical manufacture a range of cladding systems from a vast array of materials types with both metallic and non-metallic finishes. Our latest development the Clad Pro glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) cladding system provides considerable strength and performancewith the ability to combat corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Our protective guard systems provide a safe environment for the work force and contractors to carry out their daily duties without the risk of harmful burns.

Insulcon Technical product a range of specialist products including pre-cut blanket type insulation systems and scaffolding protection pads.

Speciality Welds is a division of Insulcon Technical. Previously a separate trading company, Speciality Welds Limited was acquired by AIS Technical in 2015. Innovation in product design has allowed us to create a range of market leading products.

  • 9 innovative products

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