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Our solutions provide extensive savings in cost, man hours, space, weight, logistics and storage

All of our products are designed for rapid, easy install and removal. When compared to alternative solutions, our products typically provide labour savings of around 80%, simply 80 hours less for every 100. This usually overall provides a cost saving of above 35%. The added benefit of our products is that they can be removed and re-installed numerous times with no reinvestment requirements for new or additional materials.

In addition to the cost and labour savings, our products are designed to be ultra thin and light weight meaning they cost less to transport, take up less storage space and have less of a weight impact on equipment. We usually find that our solutions are over 60% lighter and volume and space savings can be up to 90%. This can have a considerable benefit on work sites or assets where space is scarce.

World-class protection against key industry problems

Our systems are proven to prevent corrosion with assurance from leading approvals organisation DNV-GL. For more informaiton on our corrosion prevention products please contact our sales team on 0330 2020 498 or email

Our passive fire protection systems are independently tested and certified with type approval to protect against a range of fire scenarios including hydrocarbon jet fire, pool fire as well as blast protection and exceptional cryogenic protection.

We have developed a product range to resist even the most aggressive weather conditions experienced across the globe.

Our acoustic insulation systems provide market leading noise reduction with considerable labour savings at a fraction of the thickness of alternatives.

Insulcon Technical have products catering for all extremes of temperature from cryogenic sub zero applications through to extreme high temperatures in excess of 1000°C.