Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Protection

We have solutions proven to prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Corrosion under insulation is a global problem. The cost of mitigation of corrosion is astronomical and estimated to be even into the trillions! Corrosion under insulation poses operational, safety as well as an economic challenge to industry. At Insulcon Technical, years of research and development have gone into creating products which can help prevent corrosion whilst also allowing easy regular inspection with a product range that can be removed within minutes and reinstalled quickly and simply even without skilled labour.

Prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI)

How can the risk of corrosion be reduced?

Insulcon Technical insulation systems are compatible with all coating systems.

Bespoke unique and innovative testing shows Insulcon Technical insulation systems will prevent water ingress.

Contact the team for information regarding the performance of our systems to prevent water ingress.

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Insulcon Technical insulation systems can be removed and re-installed in minutes allowing ease of inspection.

Insulcon Technical have a fully tested and independently approved system which will extract moisture away from equipment using an in built innovative and unique ventilation system.

For full details on how we can provide an insulation system to ensure equipment can be kept moisture free please get in touch.

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“By having an aerogel insulation pre cut and integrated into a GRP cladding system Insulcon Technical allowed us to reduce man hours on site by 76%”

Project Lead, Oil & Gas Contractor

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Our flagship product range is removable insulation systems protecting against key industry problems such as corrosion, fire, weather, noise and temperature. Choose one of our products on the right to learn more.

AeroLite – Anti-Corrosion Insulation
Jet Fire Pro – Passive Fire Protection (PFP)
High Temp Pro – High Temperature Insulation
Acoustic Pro – Noise Reduction Insulation
Weather Pro – Weather Proof insulation
Heat Trace Pro – Intelligent Heating
Chem Alert Pro – Leak Detection

  • 35% cost saving
  • 80% labour saving

Insulcon Technical have been developing passive fire protection (PFP) systems since 2009. With a wealth of knowledge in protecting against fire scenarios we have build an innovative range of protection designed to suit all project requirements. Independent testing and certification ensures our clients can feel comfortable the products will perform. Additional features such as corrosion protection and all weather resistance create a range which is at the forefront of the fire protection market.

Jet Fire Pro – Flexible Fire Protection
Jet Fire Pro Enclosure – Tough, Solid Fire Protection
Jet Fire Pro Penetration Covers – Heavy duty Fire Protection

  • 180 mins
  • 3 products

Insulcon Technical manufacture a range of cladding systems from a vast array of materials types with both metallic and non-metallic finishes. Our latest development the Clad Pro glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) cladding system provides considerable strength and performancewith the ability to combat corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Our protective guard systems provide a safe environment for the work force and contractors to carry out their daily duties without the risk of harmful burns.

Insulcon Technical product a range of specialist products including pre-cut blanket type insulation systems and scaffolding protection pads.

Speciality Welds is a division of Insulcon Technical. Previously a separate trading company, Speciality Welds Limited was acquired by AIS Technical in 2015. Innovation in product design has allowed us to create a range of market leading products.

  • 9 innovative products

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