Underwater welding products

Innovative products for underwater welding and cutting

Insulcon Technical acquired the manufacturing and product supply division of Speciality Welds, an underwater welding products supply, consultancy and training company in 2015. Since the aquisition we have worked to modernise and improve the products to ensure they are at the forefront of the market and we believe our range is innovative and unique in its offering.

Innovative products for the underwater welding industry

Innovative product design

World class products trusted by clients across the globe our underwater welding products have evolved over years of research and development to create a market leading range.

Built for productivity

Our products are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of underwater working across many global climates ensuring productivity can be kept high and work scopes completed efficiently.

“The Barracuda welding electrode is the perfect tool for our teams”

Manager, Global diving contractor

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Our flagship product range is removable insulation systems protecting against key industry problems such as corrosion, fire, weather, noise and temperature. Choose one of our products on the right to learn more.

AeroLite – Anti-Corrosion Insulation
Jet Fire Pro – Passive Fire Protection (PFP)
High Temp Pro – High Temperature Insulation
Acoustic Pro – Noise Reduction Insulation
Weather Pro – Weather Proof insulation
Heat Trace Pro – Intelligent Heating
Chem Alert Pro – Leak Detection

  • 35% cost saving
  • 80% labour saving

Insulcon Technical have been developing passive fire protection (PFP) systems since 2009. With a wealth of knowledge in protecting against fire scenarios we have build an innovative range of protection designed to suit all project requirements. Independent testing and certification ensures our clients can feel comfortable the products will perform. Additional features such as corrosion protection and all weather resistance create a range which is at the forefront of the fire protection market.

Jet Fire Pro – Flexible Fire Protection
Jet Fire Pro Enclosure – Tough, Solid Fire Protection
Jet Fire Pro Penetration Covers – Heavy duty Fire Protection

  • 180 mins
  • 3 products

Insulcon Technical manufacture a range of cladding systems from a vast array of materials types with both metallic and non-metallic finishes. Our latest development the Clad Pro glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) cladding system provides considerable strength and performancewith the ability to combat corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Our protective guard systems provide a safe environment for the work force and contractors to carry out their daily duties without the risk of harmful burns.

Insulcon Technical product a range of specialist products including pre-cut blanket type insulation systems and scaffolding protection pads.

Speciality Welds is a division of Insulcon Technical. Previously a separate trading company, Speciality Welds Limited was acquired by AIS Technical in 2015. Innovation in product design has allowed us to create a range of market leading products.

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