New look for AIS Technical

Leading technical insulation and passive fire protection (PFP) specialist, Insulcon Technical is launching a contemporary new brand identity as it looks to diversify 18 months on from acquisition by Belgium insulation giant, IPCOM Group.

The identity incorporates a striking new logo with strong angular lines and a simplified colour palette to visually convey the company’s extensive technical capabilities. It will be rolled out across all marketing materials, signage and workwear and includes the launch of a brand-new website. The rebrand moves Insulcon Technical away from its founding company, AIS Group, and marks a fresh beginning for the business as it looks to strengthen its presence in onshore markets such as energy from waste, power generation and heavy industry.

Insulcon Technical’s heritage lies in supplying the global onshore and offshore oil and gas industry with award-winning technical insulation proven to combat key industry issues such as corrosion, noise and extreme temperatures, as well as passive fire protection which withstands temperatures of over 1,200 degrees centigrade – providing safety critical protection to equipment, assets and workers. It designs, manufactures and installs thousands of insulation systems annually, of which many are exported across the world to major oil producing countries including Kazakhstan, China, Brazil and Canada.

As well as servicing the oil and gas sector, Insulcon Technical is now looking to diversify further into a wide range of onshore industries.
Managing Director at Insulcon Technical, Chris Evans, said: “Despite an extremely difficult year for businesses in the midst of a global pandemic, Insulcon Technical has weathered the storm through hard work and our exceptional team, who share our vision for excellence.

“Our new brand identity marks a new beginning for us and provides a strong visual statement of our intent. We want to leverage our expertise in the oil and gas sector to diversify further into additional markets. Growing sectors such as energy from waste can benefit enormously from our knowledge and world-leading products, such as the world’s thinnest insulation jacket and passive fire protection which provides a market-leading 180 life-saving minutes for escape. All of our products have been embraced on the international stage and we have a proven track record with some of the oil and gas sector’s biggest names. We’re hoping this reputation can help us to make further inroads into industries which require highly specified insulation products like ours. In fact, we’ve already scooped a new contract with a biomass energy plant and another with a major onshore Petrochemical facility.

“Being part of the IPCOM Group means we have access to other complementary world-leading products such as a hot endoscopy inspection tool which allows furnaces and burners to be inspected and repaired without requiring plant shutdowns along with other flexible products for expansion bellows on ducts and exhausts. Together with other companies within the Group, we believe we have an unbeatable holistic insulation and PFP offer and we are looking forward to promoting this across a wide range of industries.”

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