New Product Lines, New Jobs!

Insulcon Technical will begin manufacturing several new products at its North East England plant following successful integration into Belgium insulation giant, IPCOM Group.

Acquired by IPCOM 18 months ago, Insulcon Technical is working well with other companies within the Group and has now been earmarked to establish the first UK manufacturing facility for expansion joint specialist company, Insulcon, as well as manufacturing thermal insulation jackets for Thermal Insulation Distributors Limited (TIDL).

At least four new jobs will be created initially with more expected to follow once manufacturing begins.

As part of the move, more than five thousand additional insulation jackets and fabric expansion joint products will be produced annually at Insulcon Technical’s North Tyneside site for the oil and gas, power generation and heavy industry markets. The company currently produces in excess of 70,000 components for removable insulation systems every year, with almost 50% of these exported around the world to countries such as Kazakhstan, Australia and Canada.

Insulcon is the leading supplier of fabric expansion joints, which absorb thermal movement within pipes and ducts up to 1300 degrees, and is currently based in the Netherlands. Insulcon Technical will work closely with Insulcon and its brand Wearflex, to grow its UK business.

Insulcon Technical’s specialist expertise is ideally suited to the manufacture of Insulcon and TIDL products. Its heritage lies in supplying the global onshore and offshore oil and gas industry with award-winning technical insulation and passive fire protection to combat key industry issues such as corrosion, noise and extreme temperatures.

Managing Director at Insulcon Technical, Chris Evans, said: “We are delighted to have integrated so well into the IPCOM Group and it is testament to the quality of our operation that we’ve been selected as the UK manufacturing base for Group companies, Insulcon and TIDL.

“These products complement our existing portfolio and manufacturing everything on one UK site enhances our ability to respond quickly to our UK customers’ needs.

“We have now begun recruiting for several new positions to help us increase capacity and we are expecting more jobs to be created down the line.

“Being part of the IPCOM Group means we have access to other complementary world-leading products such as a hot endoscopy inspection tool, which allows pipework to be inspected and repaired without requiring plant shutdowns, and flexible products for expansion bellows within ducts and exhausts. Together with other companies within the Group, we believe we have an unbeatable holistic insulation and PFP offer and we are looking forward to promoting this across a wide range of industries.”